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Rayma R. Wojcik  413-262-4292
Cori L. Heeter,       413-848-2102
Blandford MA  01008  
Dogs that live with me at Radiant Aussies,
the rest are owned by friends and relatives.
E-Mail:      Rayma @    radiantaussies@aol.com

Cori's @    coriheeter@aol.com
Updated  04/07/2016
Australian Shepherds - in smaller sizes
Older pups
or Adults
My dogs are all Australian Shepherds, they are bred with high working and
herding ability.  I have chosen to concentrate on producing dogs under 18",
this is one reason why I can not always be sure if one of my pups may go
over that size when full grown.  They are beautiful, intelligent, loving and
social dogs with a deep desire to please and to work for their families.  
However, they retain strong guarding and herding instincts that enable
them to be great all around workers.  I have been involved with Miniature
sized Aussies since 2000.  In that time, I have showed almost all of my dogs
to many championships.  Look at their individual pages for their
accomplishments.  All dogs in my breeding program will be OFA good or
better and CERF clear, plus any other tests available.  All pups will be
guaranteed when leaving for their new homes, and most will be sold on a
spay/neuter contract.  Only the most exceptional pups will be considered
as show/breeding quality, and then will be placed with the utmost scrutiny.  
My first reason to breed any of my females is to better my breeding
program so I have first pick of any litter I breed.  This is the reason I can
not be sure what pups will be placed until 8 weeks, when all of the tests are
done.  All inquires are welcomed, as I love chatting about this wonderful
little dog.  If at all possible, please e-mail me rather then call, as it is much
easier for me to get back to you, then by phone.  Thanks!
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We at Radiant are very proud
of "Chai' Radiant Chai-ning
Star and Germaine!!! They did
an AWESOME job this
weekend at the APDT rally
Perfect Score, Multiple scores
over 200, Award of Excellence
(all scores over 190).
Germaine and her Radiant
girls have done so much to
promote this wonderful breed.
Kooee &
                          You have an Aussie.

You have a breed that's a little over 150 years old.
You have a breed that is the only herding stock dog
originally bred in America, and is truly American,
being a great big melting pot of different breeds to get
what they wanted.
You have a breed that was bred to be able to herd
one thousand sheep with a few buddies and only one
human shepherd.
                        You have an Aussie
You have a breed that was bred for sheep but able to
think and adjust to herd ducks, geese, pig, chickens,
and rabbits And each one herded differently .
You have a breed that guarded all those sheep, ducks,
geese, and rabbits, so it made sure it kept it's eyes on you.
You have a breed that has guarding instincts as strong
as it's herding instincts.
You have a breed that ranchers loved because if you
needed something done, it could do it.
You have an Aussie.
You have a breed that was known as early as 1860
for it's intelligence, gentleness, loyalty and uncompromising
courage and strength in the face of danger.
You have a breed that was bred to have no trouble continually
moving with a comfortable lope all day. Every day.
You have a breed that doesn't care about the weather,
and has worked everywhere from Antarctica to the
hot dry plains of Texas.
You have an Aussie.
You have a breed that is known for incredible energy
and intelligence and also being one of the most destructive
dogs there is when those aren't taken care of.
You have a breed that you thought you knew what it
took to raise one, and was still surprised. And still got another
You have a breed that has no problem running your home
if they don't think you are doing it right.
You have a breed that made the list of ten most high
maintenance dogs. And you weren't surprised.
You have a breed that you have actively talked people
out of getting. And laugh when non aussie owners say
they can take care of it for a little while.

You have an Aussie and wouldn't trade it for the world.
No Puppies At This Time
Bear, a Skye/Striker son, growing into a
wonderful ambassador of our breed,
thanks to the Goose family.