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Rayma R. Wojcik  413-262-4292
Cori L. Heeter,       413-848-2102
Blandford MA  01008  
Dogs that live with me at Radiant Aussies, the
rest are owned by friends and relatives.
E-Mail:      Rayma @    radiantaussies@aol.com

Cori's @    coriheeter@aol.com
Australian Shepherds - in smaller sizes
My dogs are all Australian Shepherds, they are bred with high working and
herding ability.  I have chosen to concentrate on producing dogs under 18",
this is one reason why I can not always be sure if one of my pups may go
over that size when full grown.  They are beautiful, intelligent, loving and
social dogs with a deep desire to please and to work for their families.  
However, they retain strong guarding and herding instincts that enable
them to be great all around workers.  I have been involved with Miniature
sized Aussies since 2000.  In that time, I have showed almost all of my dogs
to many championships.  Look at their individual pages for their
accomplishments.  All dogs in my breeding program will be OFA good or
better and CERF clear, plus any other tests available.  All pups will be
guaranteed when leaving for their new homes, and most will be sold on a
spay/neuter contract.  Only the most exceptional pups will be considered
as show/breeding quality, and then will be placed with the utmost scrutiny.  
My first reason to breed any of my females is to better my breeding
program so I have first pick of any litter I breed.  This is the reason I can
not be sure what pups will be placed until 8 weeks, when all of the tests are
done.  All inquires are welcomed, as I love chatting about this wonderful
little dog.  If at all possible, please e-mail me rather then call, as it is much
easier for me to get back to you, then by phone.  Thanks!
Misc. Pages
Kooee &
Radiant Aussies has been involved with and enjoying the Miniature Australian shepherd for
almost 20 years.  Cori and I were blessed to get involved at the height of the breed.  We met
many wonderful people that mentored us and taught us so much in the beginning.  As we
grew in knowledge and built many more friendships with other breeders and also with all the
people that we placed our beloved puppies with, we truly couldn't have enjoyed this breed
more.  We and our friends and relatives showed our dogs to more wins then we could have
ever imagined.  Attaining many Grand Champions and winning top positions at many
Nationals over the years.  We have come to a point in our lives that we have to make a big
decision  The majority of the Mini Aussies of the past have opted to go AKC and change the
breed standard and their name to Miniature American shepherds.  I personally still feel my
dogs are Australian shepherds in a smaller package, not just an off spring of the breed.  I
have no ill will for those who choose to go AKC and am still good friends with many that
have.  My dogs bloodlines are in many of the top winning Mini Americans today and for that
I am very proud.  In order to really get to the top in AKC you have to use handlers which is
something I do not want to do.  That is what we enjoyed most about showing the Mini Aussie
was becoming and staying friends with all the people we competed against..  To that end, we
have decided to stop breeding and showing this wonderful breed.  We have a list that has
been waiting for sometime to get a second pup from us, so we plan on one more litter this
spring.   We hope to fill the wishes of those that have been waiting, but we are not taking
anymore names and if you want to see if you are on the list you can contact me.  We can not
promise anything as we will not be breeding just to fill orders, this would totally go against
the policies we have been so proud of over the years in placing puppies and the reason we
bred in the first place.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the wonderful friends
we have found through this fantastic breed of dogs.
Seven Weeks Old
       Siggy /Ziggy                          Sally/Willa                        Ivar/Kato                                  Rollo/Shiloh
Earlier pictures are on the puppy page!
Willa with her new big sister Ellie  
Ellie is a champion Disc Dog!
Shiloh with his big brother Spirit, living
with their
wonderful family at Cape
Bless you all!
Merry Christmas
& Happy New Year
Ziggy is with Cori, her folks are on vacation
and will pick her up after New Years!