Sully now Chili
heading home, already
starting leash training.
Hops now Banks and Barley now Porter, are
heading home with the Koebbe sisters  Separate
homes, but lots of play time together.  There Mom
and Dad own Tucker, from the Nov. 2006 litter from
Honey Plum is
heading off to her
new home with
David.  She will
be training to
become a therapy
dog at the Doctor's
office.  She has
some big paws to
fill, but I know
she can do it.  
Madori now Bindi heading
home with the Averill family
Stewart, now Ryder in the
arms of his new owner.
Sox now Wilson
with his new
friend Brennan  
He now lives
with the
Fanning family
on Long Island,
Phoenix & Pilot litter   DOB: 07/26/15
First born
One week old
Two weeks old
Three weeks old
Four weeks old
Five weeks old
Six weeks old
Seven weeks old