Two weeks old
Three weeks old
Skye & /Striker Litter
Sarah                              Abraham                                              Isaac

                                                                            Four weeks old
Five weeks old
   Much more active this week, hard to take pictures of the little cutes.
Sarah                                   Abraham                                       Joseph
   Isaac                                       Jacob                                            Rebecca
Six weeks old
I'll miss you
Sarah, now Autumn Jurnee, heading home with the Nelson Family
I'm so excited, I found a wonderful
new home with Kate and Charlie.
Isaac                                     Joseph
Jake with his new Mom in Florida,
he has a tough life.
Rebecca, now Zelda, (Zee
for short) is heading home
with The Salem family.  
Everyone is so excited!!
Isaac, now Bear heading home with the
Goose family, he's a lucky little guy.
Abraham heading home with Jo and Paul. another very
lucky puppy to have such a wonderful family to live with.
Bear, a Skye/Striker son, growing into
a wonderful ambassador of our breed,
thanks to the Goose family.