BIS Ch.Radiant Celestial Star,                CGC, TDI,
RL-1, mHIC, CL1-R CL1-H CL1-S CL1-F CL2-R CL2-H CL2-S CL2-F
This is Kooee at 8 months, just
gorgeous, she lives with my friend
Germaine and is doing well in the show
ring as well as working on her obedience
training.  She has her CGC and her
Therapy Dog title.  She will be a big
asset to my breeding program.  Watch
for her in the future, she is working on
her Grand Championship now.  
Kooee took a
coveted Best In
Show in NJ on July
12, 2008.  This is a
very prestigious win
as she is just over a
year of age.  I want
to personally thank
Germaine for the
wonderful job she
has done with this
beautiful little girl.
DOB:  07/04/2007
CERF: Clear
OFA:  Good
MDR1:  Mutant/Normal
PRA Normal/clear
HC:   n/n
Full dentition/Scissor bite

Kooee in her first agility meet at the 2009 Nationals.  She
had 3 run and received 3 Q's plus placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  
Way to go Kooee  12/2009 Kooee has her 1st  CPE Standard
level agility cert.
She also received her Rally O Level 1 title, Thanks for doing
such a terrific job with her Germaine.  You're the BEST.
Pictures up soon.
Kooee at the 2009 St. Louis
Kooee also earned her herding instinct
test at the 2009 Nations.  Look at her
flowing movement just like her Mom.
Radiant's little Princess

Kooee, handled expertly by her
owner Germaine, attained her
CPE Agility First Level Title, on
06/05/2010 and Second Level
Title on 02/19/2011 qualifying
and pinning in every run.  

What a Team !
What a
                                 2011 MASCA Nationals:  
Kooee Won a Premier Female, making the prestige cut
Scent & Find:  She Passed 3 out of 4 levels in Novice, she only needs one more to
Obedience:  Attained 2 legs with a 194 and 196 (out of 200) also placing 3rd
only       one more to title.
Rally O: Earned a leg for her title with a 194 and a 3rd place.
Agility:  Took her Jumpers class with a 1st place.
Extreme Aussie Metal: For competing and placing in at least 3 different events.
Received a patch for winning in at least 2 different events.

This is Kooee being tested for Scent & Find, by the National Assoc. Of  Canine Scent Work, she and
Germaine have been in training and it will not be long before they have their first Title in this venue.  
Who knows, you may see them in the airport someday.  We are so proud of this Team.
Kooee's daughter "Chai"  
We at Radiant are very
proud of "Chai'
Radiant Chai-ning Star
and Germaine!!! They
did an AWESOME job
this weekend at the
APDT rally shows.
Perfect Score, Multiple
scores over 200, Award
of Excellence (all
scores over 190).
Germaine and her
Radiant girls have
done so much to
promote this wonderful
Gr.Ch. Radiant Chai~Ning  Star mHIC
Chai attained her Rally title 1/07/2017
Chai attained her Rally title 1/07/2017