This is a story of heart ache and joy.  On
May 25,2008 Jessie and Pilot had a
beautiful, seemingly healthy litter of 6
puppies, but by exactly one week of age
two puppies stopped eating and passed
away by that night.  In the next week I lost
another 3 pups to what we would find out,
through a necropsy, was canine herpes, a
virus that most all dogs are exposed to, but
due to the fact that young pups under 3
weeks of age can not regulate their
temperature above 100 degrees, this virus
takes over and destroys their little bodies.  
With many sleepless nights of force
feeding and sub cutaneous fluids and
many ups and downs the last puppy born,
a little blue merle female, survived.  You
can now understand why we named her
Miracle.  She could still have problems in
the future, but right now we are just
enjoying that she is happy and relatively
healthy.  We have to thank Eli for helping
to train her how to be a good puppy.  With
no litter mates she was turning into a very
mouthy little girl.  Eli, from a little older litter,
stuck around and did a great job with her
training.  He is now in his forever loving
home.  Thanks Eli, now Riley Duggan
Update: 10/10/08
We had some tests done to see how
Miracle was doing.  We were saddened to
find out that her kidneys are not
functioning as well as we would like.  She
still seems in good health and may not
have any effects for months or even years,
so we are taking it one day at a time and
enjoying and loving her as long as she is
with us.
I took Miracle to a dog show to play with
her in the ring.  She took Best in Show
Puppy in two of the three shows we
07/29/09  Miracle is still doing very well,
she is a joy to have around, she truly loves
12/16/2009  We just had Miracle spay, as
she is still doing very well.  I will try to get
new pictures of her up after we return to
Florida.  She is now 19 months old

01/25/2011  Well Miracle is still going
strong, she will be 3 years old this year, so
much for only lasting a few months.  She is
a dog that loves life and loves everyone
she meets, especially children.

07/12/12  Miracle is now 4 years old and
still healthy.  She has finally found a
wonderful home with a lovely lady.  We all
hope she will continue to stay healthy and
she will have many, many more years to
spend with her new Mom.

Still in good health at 8 years old.  Eileen is
hoping she will give her another 8 yrs.
June 30, 2008 Miracles first outing, Mom
was so happy to have one puppy to care
for, even though she was never strong
enough to nurse.
05/30/08  The last picture
before things happened on
June 2nd.
Aug. 2,2008  Still
small, but growing
and eating well.
At 11 months in Florida,
she is still going strong.
      Miracle with her new owner
Eileen.  I think she adores her.