Multi BIS NAKC Hall of Fame MASCA Grand Champion,
Radiant Mar-A-Lagos Ready for Take Off , CGC, mHIC
Blue merle 17 1/2"
DOB  05/13/2006 -09/09/2015
CERF clear annually
Scissor bite/Full dentition
OFA:  Good
Elbows: Normal
MDR-1  Normal/Normal
PRA-prcd Normal/Clear
HC  Normal/Normal
Pilot, Fiona, daddy Bear and Delta
Pilot is the first Miniature Australian Shepherd to attain the Hall of Fame
Championship with NAKC now ICKC.  He is the 2008 Top Mini Aussie with
this venue and is also in the Top Ten of all breeds.  He has accomplished so
much more then I could have ever imagined this year.        
2006 Pilot took Best In Show Puppy at the Nationals held in Savannah, GA                           
2007 He took Head Type at NAMASCUSA Nationals & Puppy Sweeps at the MASCA             
Nationals in Houston, TX  
2008 Top Mini Aussie with NAKC and also attained the first Hall of Fame for a Mini in this
2009 June Pilot took the BOB at the MAMASC Specialty and Head Type in St Louis, MO
2009 Oct. Pilot took the MASCA Nationals in St Louis. MO He also took Head Type.  
2010 Apr - Pilot took Head Type at the MASCA Nationals
2010 Aug - he took Head Type & Best of Breed at the CenMASC Specialty in Kalamazoo, MI
2010 Oct NAMASCUSA Nationals in OK. Pilot took Best Opposite Sex
2011 Apr-May MASCA Nationals in St Louis, MO  Best Opposite Sex & Stud Dog Class
2012 May MASCA Nationals in St. Louis, MO  Pilot took another BEST OF BREED
2013 May MASCA Nationals in St. Louis, MO  Pilot took BOB Veterans
2013 Sept. MASCA Specialty in Canada, 4th Annual Bill Tomson Memorial Cup BOB
Pilot earning his first level
herding instinct test
St Louis,MO Oct. 2009
Pilot took:
Head Type in
show # 2 and a
Best In Breed in
show #3 at the
Summer Sizzler
Show in MI.
BOB @  
Speciaty Sept.
Apr. 2010 MASCA
Nationals Head Type
2008 Houston, TX
Best Opp Sex and Stud Dog  Ribbons
   2011 MASCA Nationals
2009   Oct. MASCA Nationals  Head Type Male
Best Of Breed at the Canadian 4th Annual Bill Tomson
Memorial Cup, put on my CMASA.  He may be a veteran, but
he still has it.
We were blessed to have you and will meet you again at the rainbow bridge.
Rest easy my friend, I miss you so much.

 Radiant Aussies has lost one of our best.  Cori and I
are just devastated at the loss of our top dog Pilot, to a
very aggressive cancer.  He seemed healthy one day and
two days later he was gone.  We will never have
another dog that has contributed to this breed as much
as he has.  The out pouring of love from family, friends
and the Mini Aussie world has been heart warming and
so difficult at the same time.  He has touched so many
lives with his off spring and for those that met him over
the years.  His last litter ever is now 7 weeks old.  We
have Cargo which is his Great Grandson and we have
hopes that he will fill his paws.  
Thank You to all, for your warm wishes and prayers.
Pilot giving our lamb a kiss.  Such a sweet boy he was!