How Radiant Places Puppies
All of our puppies are raised in our home and handled from birth. We totally
socialize them with all ages, and to as many environmental stimuli that we can.  I
have six grand children ranging from
12 to 21 years that are a great help to us.  
At this time we get $1
200 for pet puppies. If a pup is show quality and sold as a
pet, it is sold for the pet price.  We would appreciate that you do not ask us to
lower the price, as we feel you are getting much more for your money then if you
were to buy from a Puppy Store.  Our pups are guaranteed for life and have all
health tests and first shots given.
I'm afraid we sell our pups not by color or sex, but as to where they will fit into
someone's home and lifestyle the best.
We temperament test the pups at 7 weeks and do a structural test and eye exam
at 8 weeks.  This determines where a puppy is most suited.  If we have a high
drive pup, for example, it would have to go where it would be doing agility or
herding, not in a family setting that wants a relatively quiet pup.  
We primarily breed first for our own betterment of the breed, so if we have a
show quality pup at 8 weeks that passes all it's tests, we may keep it in our
breeding program.  
I think you can see how we cannot promise any one pup, to any particular person,
at an early age.  
We will be happy to add anyone to a list to see if, after all is said and done, we
have something suitable for your lifestyle.
Thank you for your interest in our dogs.

Rayma and Cori