Marya - Docker litter  08/18/2003
Cricket                Pebbles                   Savvy                   Jester               Turbo                  Peaches
Peaches, Pebbles and Savvy relaxing in their new homes.
Cricket, Pebbles, Peaches, Savvy,  Jester, and Turbo  approx. 4 months
What a wonderful group of young adults you have become.    I'm very proud,  Rayma
Peaches, May, 2004  A lovely young lady!
Turbo, with Dad in the
foreground, and his
friend Oona is in the
Turbo took
Winners Dog
at the
August 7, 2004.  First
time ever shown.
Pebbles is also
becoming a beautiful
young lady at 9 months
Savvy all grown up at around 8 months.
Cricket at
1 year old.
Peaches @ 1 yr.

                                Passed away
Turbo 1 year
Cricket at 2 years
old enjoying life
with her family.
Jester, all grown up.  Handsome guy!
almost 2 yrs.
old, now living
in SC with her
Pebbles at 2 years old.  Thanks,
Dawn, she is beautiful.
Chloe and Peaches now in VT