Ice/Milo Pups  09/29/2004
Two weeks
Three weeks
One week old.
Ice and Milo
pups at 1 day old.
4 girls and 1 boy
at the top.
Four weeks
Five Weeks
Six Weeks
Zoe (Uma)!
Miss Attitude is
staying         here for
Gone to there new homes
Otto's new family, Katherine and Quinn
Zoe with Eliza and Ethan
Otto's 2nd Christmas
with his forever family
Otto at 7 months!  
Otto with his new friend Atty.  
Otto's 3rd Christmas Atty's first.  
Atty is from the final Fire/ice litter.
Katherine and Quinn are also growing
fast.  Thanks for your faithful updates.
Kyle and Kathryn are enjoying
their new pup Sasha
Sasha all grown up