Marya/Docker Puppies 10/25/04
One day old
One week old
Three weeks
Two weeks old
Four weeks
Five weeks
Six weeks
Seven weeks
Little Annie has a
broken leg,  but it is not
slowing her down.
Ethel, now Sheba, Enjoying her new home with Evan
and another furry friend..
Fred, now Auzie, also enjoying his new home.  He can't wait to get outside with his new Frizbee
Lucy enjoying her new home
Here is Mason and Luna Blue at one year old.
at about 6 months.
Auzie at one year old, as you can see he is truly enjoying life.
Christmas 2005
This is Lucy all
grown up.  Another
very beautiful girl.
Radiant Luna Blue
at 6months.  She is
enjoying a bath, the
company of Mason
and the comfort of
her bed.  Isn't she
beautiful.  She is
loved by the
Cummins' family
here in
Sheba, all grown up and
enjoying a beautiful park 4/07
4 years old
    Lucy crossed the rainbow
bridge 9/25/2019  She has gone
to join many that have passed
before her.  She was loved by
her family for 15 yrs.