April 11, 2005  First day!
April 14,2005
April 18, 2005 one week
April 25, 2005 two weeks
May 2, 2005  Three weeks
May 9, 2005  Four weeks
May 16, 2005 Five weeks
May 23, 2005  six weeks
May 31, 2005  
Seven weeks
Pandabear enjoying his
new home with Maggie.
Ace, relaxing in his new home with
his new friend Sam.
With Maggie and
And now all
grown up, with
two new
additions to their
Centerfold, now Summer,
enjoying her new family in CT.
Ace 6 yrs.
Ace at 12
Panda passed away on 1/25/18
Thank you for giving him such a
loving home.