At Radiant Aussies we believe if you breed a dog it should only be with the expectation of producing a better dog than the parents that produced it.  
Much thought and research should go into the planning of each particular cross to make sure that the parents compliment each other.  We have found
through our experience and the experience of others that even with careful planning and consideration of the pedigrees, you will produce dogs that fall
into the following categories.
SHOW PUPPY:  This is a puppy which exhibits the qualities looked for in a conformation show dog.  These would include excellent pedigree, proper
structure and movement and free of disqualifying faults as described in the breed standard.  This puppy is sold as having the potential to be shown and
titled in the conformation ring.
BREED/PERFORMANCE PUPPY: This is a puppy which has the potential to develop into a dog of sufficient merit, although it may or may not title in the
show ring, it will have no genetic faults or shortcomings that should prevent it from being considered as a dog to be bred to a like or better dog.
PET/COMPANION PUPPY:  These pups are sold only as pups to be spayed or neutered.  This pup may or may not have a disqualifying fault or other
shortcoming that would prevent it from being considered for showing and/or breeding.  If there is a fault it could be simply a color disqualification, or a
mild structure fault, neither of which will prevent the puppy from living a normal and healthy life.  Many times Show/Breed puppies are sold as pets,
primarily because there is no need to further the lines, therefore we the breeder chose not to have them sold as breeding dogs
All puppies will be temperament tested at around 7 weeks and structurally evaluated at 8 weeks.  It is at this time when we will make our decision as to
which pup is right for each prospective buyer, so that each individual puppy will have the best possible chance of being placed in the proper home.

Dear Rayma and Cori

I just wanted to let you know that we feel so blessed everyday to have Tucker.  You bred such a beautiful litter that year.  Tucker will be 3 yrs old in November and everyday we fall
more in love with him than the day before.  He has the biggest heart and willing to please each of us.  Whatever he is doing in the moment is his favorite thing, such as going for a
walk, his favorite thing.  Playing ball, his favorite thing.  Running an agility course, his favorite thing!.  Playing Frisbee (and he's great at it), his favorite thing! Cuddling on the
couch, his favorite thing!  You get the idea, whatever you're doing is his favorite thing. He is always by someone's side, he has a big job with the five of us at home.  He goes from
one to the other.  I can't tell you enough how much we love this dog!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, he radiates with goodness and love.  We love the pictures of the new
puppies and rest assured this litter is probably just as great as Tucker's was because they have a wonderful breeder who loves what she does and it shows.  

Have a great rest of the summer and if we are in the area we will stop by.  All the best to the new litter and their new owners and all the best to you are your families.

Be well and God Bless,

Jo Ann Koebbe
Fairfield, CT


Bailey came in to our lives 2 months after we lost our miniature dachshund having had her
for 13 years.  It was a tremendous loss as we do not have children.  We didn't want another
dachshund as I didn't think I could have another without comparing her to Lucy.  So - we
researched and decided the mini-aussie would be a good fit.  We went to several breeders,
but the minute we met you and your animals, we knew we had met our match.  Bailey
happened to be available and we came to visit several times before we were lucky enough to
take him home.  Yes, there are challenges to having a puppy, but the rewards are great.

Steve and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that our little guy Bailey is just a
fabulous dog.  He is now 2 and a half and I'm getting him tested to be a therapy dog (to take
to nursing homes) on Sunday.  He already won his Agility Class last year.  But most of all,
he is an incredibly bright, funny and loving animal.  He knows the difference between five
of his toys.  He loves to run.  Simply loves having puppy playdates, hikes and frisbee
fetching.   We're thinking of submitting a video to David Letterman as he and I love to have
little "chats" and howling sessions.  He's not at all vocal unless he wants to sing with me.  
He also happens to be gorgeous....

As you can see, I'm a bit smitten with this animal and have already decided we will need to
add to the pack at some point, (with one of your dogs of course!)

Thank you for being as caring, careful and loving with your dogs as any breeder could
possibly be.

Dee & Steve Zimmer
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5/8/07 - 7/26/17  RIP Bailey Boy
Bailey in Canada, and his sister
Ruby with her new little charge.  
Sadly Ruby's little boy became very
allergic to her, so she came back to
Radiant to find a new home, so sad
for everyone as she was their first
little girl.  Well the best thing
happened.  Bailey's parents were
looking for a new play mate for him.  
Long story short, Bailey and his
sister now enjoy life together.  
Everyone involved couldn't be
happier.         GOD is Good!
Testimonials we have received.

Hi Rayma,

Here is the picture from the SCAT trial last Saturday. Can you see how much fun she is having. She has the best happy face. I love love love
this dog. Thanks for the great breeding and the opportunity to own one of your dogs.  

Ravens accomplishments:

7 perfect runs - no faults
6 first place ribbons and one 2nd place
3 Level title ribbons

In two days!!!!  
Linda Landis and Raven

This is Kooee's half sister,
Jessie is their Mom.
Fire/Ice's          02/20/04
Ice/Milo           09/29/04
Bear/Ember      05/13/06
Fire/Ice             06/24/06
Fire/Fancy        11/16/06
Jessie/Trump     11/26/06
Marya/Docker  10/25/04   
Punktchen/Bing 04/11/05
Fire/Ice             11/02/05
Fire/Jessie        07/04/07
Fire/Bits        05/12/08
Fire/Fancy    07/24/08
Jessie/Pilot        06/07/09
Fiona/Decker    10/23/09
Opal/Chip         05/18/10
Delta/Urijah      07/09/10
Fancy/Striker    01/24/11
Jessie/Pilot        06/14/11
Phoenix/Striker  12/23/11
Opal/Striker       07/03/12
Delta/Striker              08/06/12

Dear Rayma
We continue to be blown away by our Ellie. She is amazing. Each day she brings
us much joy. Bringing her into our family was the best decision we made.
I am reading a book The Other End of the Leash and she talks about looking for a
breeder and you are everything she describes. I am so glad we found you. Thank
you for doing what you do. We are blessed to have found you.

Kelley Brown
Opal & Striker - DOB 07/03/12
Phoenix/Pilot             02/12/13
How we
place puppies!
Kiss/Striker                03/24/13
Kooee/Pilot               01/28/15
Lady/Rev                  06/13/14
Skye/Rev                    08/01/14
Opal/Rev                   09/14/14
Skye/Striker               09/12/15
Phoenix/Pilot             07/26/15
Marya/Docker  08/18/03
You have an Aussie.

You have a breed that's a little over 150 years old.
You have a breed that is the only herding stock dog
originally bred in America, and is truly American,
being a great big melting pot of different breeds to get
what they wanted.
You have a breed that was bred to be able to herd
one thousand sheep with a few buddies and only one
human shepherd.
You have an Aussie
You have a breed that was bred for sheep but able to
think and adjust to herd ducks, geese, pig, chickens,
and rabbits And each one herded differently .
You have a breed that guarded all those sheep, ducks,
geese, and rabbits, so it made sure it kept it's eyes on you.
You have a breed that has guarding instincts as strong
as it's herding instincts.
You have a breed that ranchers loved because if you
needed something done, it could do it.
You have an Aussie.
You have a breed that was known as early as 1860
for it's intelligence, gentleness, loyalty and uncompromising
courage and strength in the face of danger.
You have a breed that was bred to have no trouble continually
moving with a comfortable lope all day. Every day.
You have a breed that doesn't care about the weather,
and has worked everywhere from Antarctica to the
hot dry plains of Texas.
You have an Aussie.
You have a breed that is known for incredible energy
and intelligence and also being one of the most destructive
dogs there is when those aren't taken care of.
You have a breed that you thought you knew what it
took to raise one, and was still surprised. And still got another
You have a breed that has no problem running your home
if they don't think you are doing it right.
You have a breed that made the list of ten most high
maintenance dogs. And you weren't surprised.
You have a breed that you have actively talked people
out of getting. And laugh when non aussie owners say
they can take care of it for a little while.

You have an Aussie and wouldn't trade it for the world.
Sweets/Cargo             07/17/17
Bits & Lady/Patch 07/23-24/12
Sweets & Cargo         09/14/18