Radiant Aussie's Puppy Contract
I, Rayma R. Wojcik or Cori L Heeter,  the breeder/owner of the said puppy (described below), hereafter "Seller", do
enter into an agreement with___________________________________________________hereafter "Buyer" for
the purpose of transferring ownership of said puppy.

The said puppy is a purebred Miniature Australian Shepherd sired by Ch. Radiant First Class Cargo and out of  Ch.
Radiant Sweet Tart. The puppy is a Male / Female, color ____________ with copper and white trim.  The puppy's date
of birth is 10/04/19 and has registration paperwork with MASCA that are / are not included as part of this agreement.  
If included, the registration papers will include as part of the puppy's name, our registered kennel name
the prefix, unless other agreement is made.  

The Seller has first pick of any litter bred by Radiant Aussies, Stud owner gets first pick after Radiant, unless a
different agreement is made before breeding.  The rest of the litter will be sold at the discretion of Radiant, who will
transfer ownership of the said puppy for $1200.00, to be paid in full, plus shipping costs, before shipping said puppy,
unless stated otherwise. .
The purchase price is to be paid in cash or by cashiers check made payable to Rayma R.
Wojcik or Cori L. Heeter

The Seller guarantees that the said puppy is in good health at the time of this agreement and at shipping.  The Buyer
agrees to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within (7) days of receiving said puppy.  If the puppy is
determined to be in poor health, the Buyer can elect to keep the puppy, assuming all costs for its care, or may return
the puppy for a full refund upon the Seller's receipt of the veterinarian's statement regarding the puppy's health, and
stating the puppy is able to be shipped. If for any reason, said puppy does not work out for the Buyer within the first
six months of age, Seller will give a full refund on return of said puppy.  Not including return shipping charges.

If the puppy is bought for show/breed, the Buyer agrees that the puppy will be examined for eye defects and hip
dysplasia before breeding.  If the puppy is determined to have eye defects, dysplasia, communicable diseases
and/or hereditary defects or faults, it shall not be used for breeding and shall be spayed or neutered with the
knowledge of the Breeder.  Should it develop eye defects,or hip dysplasia in its lifetime, within reason, the Buyer may
return the dog to the Seller for either a replacement dog from a future litter, or may keep the said puppy, which then
must be spayed or neutered.  If the Buyer keeps said puppy the Seller will refund half of the selling price, which
would be $_______upon written verification of genetic eye defects or hip dysplasia from the veterinarian.  
Accompanied by a copy of the spay/neuter certificate.  This also applies for pet puppies.  The Seller always has first
option on this puppy/dog ,if for any reason the Buyer is unable to keep said pup/dog for it's lifetime.  We want no
Radiant Aussies to end up in rescue.

The Buyer certifies, by signing this contract, that the puppy will live with the Buyer, or be placed in a suitable home,
be confined by a fenced yard (or supervised), will have adequate exercise, nutritious food, and necessary health
care, including scheduled vaccinations/worming.

The Seller will supply the Buyer upon receiving said puppy a three generation pedigree, health record information to
date, an eye certificate and a COPY of the registration until proof of spay/neuter for PETS is received.

The Buyer certifies, by signing this contract, that he/she is not acting as an agent in this purchase, that the Buyer will
not resell this puppy to a pet store, guard dog business or medical research facility.  This contract is made and
signed by both the Seller and the Buyer for the well being of the said puppy.  If the buyer breaches any part of this
agreement, the Seller can and will repossess the puppy/dog at the Buyers expense.

This said puppy is sold as a:___PET to be spay/neutered.  A certificate is to be provided to the breeder/seller by the
time the dog  is one year of age, to prove spay/neuter.
This said puppy is sold on a: ___ BREED/SHOW___PERFORMANCE contract.  The said puppy will follow the itinerary
described below.
The undersigned (Buyer) agrees to uphold all covenants of this Agreement to insure the well being and protection of
the puppy/dog.  If Buyer breaches any part of this Agreement, Seller is released from any obligation under this
Agreement.  Buyer agrees that he/she understands this Agreement fully and that this Agreement is under the
jurisdiction of the State of Massachusetts.  It is agreed the place of venue shall be in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Seller's signature                                                                                      Date
Cori L. Heeter, 8 Beagle Club Rd., Blandford, MA  01008
Seller's telephone #    (413)-262-4292           E-Mail Address   radiantaussies@aol.com

Buyer's signature                                                                                     Date

Buyer's printed name and address  

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